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Healing and Inspired Action Session

It's time to reclaim your energy & step back into full alignment.
In this powerful session, we will heal and release stubborn blocks, beliefs, and patterns that are currently holding you black in your life and work. A potent combination of deep healing and mentoring that will re-connect you to yourself, your intuition and your purpose - and feel ready to take inspired action. I look forward to working with you.


Energy Mastery - Bespoke VIP Package 12 weeks

Energy Mastery - 1:1 Bespoke 12-week package

This package includes:

*Fortnightly Healing and Mentoring sessions – a mixture of healing and energy strategy. (The initial session is 90minutes).
*A personalised spoken meditation each month.
*Weekly check-in and prompts for healing, intentions and accountability.
*A little something in the mail each month.
*Email/messenger support in between sessions (up to 20minutes Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

I am so looking forward to supporting you!
Kind Regards,